I have lived in Basildon District Council sheltered housing since 1996 and had been very happy here.

About 1998 there was a 'cock up' about my housing benefit. At that time, I was going through a bad patch. I went to the local housing office and in explaining the problem to the lady housing officer, I nearly broke down in tears. She could not have been more helpful. She calmed me down and explained what had happened. Then, she wrote a letter for me and got me to sign it. I have been grateful ever since. But, over the past two years I have experienced a very low level of service. As usual, I am using this web site to act as my confessional and psychiatrist - it has worked in the past!

These examples are intended to show how officials are tardy, (and ignorant?) and unable to make correct decisions. Their standard answer to all enquiries is, "Oh. no you can't do that!"

There is the story of the water meter. The story of my water rates rebate, rent rebates, and then the matter of my rear fence and the football players.

Friday, 30 July 2004. For the past eighteen months, the 'atmosphere' here has deteriorated. We had two 'bad uns' move in. One a con artist, and the other a drunkard. The drunkard has now gone. Sometimes it is difficult to see why, and how a place changes. It has culminated in the warden belittling me, and treating me with disrespect. The molehill, once again, grewed into a mountain! See the menu item Aged Person Schemes.

Why can't people realise that Ted is ALWAYS right! .............. OK! OK! ......... I heard that!