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A bit of background information on why this site was developed. I have lived in Basildon District Council sheltered housing since 1996 and had been very happy here.

Visit the Northlands Park

Neighbourhood Committee site.

Read a tortuous story of managerial incompetence.
"I saw the warden in the gardens, I wished her good morning. She did not reply, so I wished her good morning again. She turned to me, gave me a withering stare, and said, "I am not going to talk to you again."

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RENT OFFICE More incompetence, lying & managerial cover-up!
I looked at the figures for my rent and rent rebate and there appeared to be an error of 7.28. It was not apparent where the error was."

HOUSING BENEFIT This is linked to the Rent Office above. Will we never learn!
"and instead of a mistake of 7.28, BDC had got even more efficient at making mistakes, and upped the ante to 65!"

FENCE Come on in and meet your (oxy) moron. "On the page about the water rates I talk about a fella I call, Mr Porridge. I call him this because I believe that that's what he's got between his lug'oles!"

The council is persuaded to let Mr Aylward have a water meter.
"Why on earth does this kind of thing happen?" The answer has to be, "If they can say no, they will!"

Basildon Council try to rob Mr Aylward- (& other water rate payers!)
When I got my first bill, I noticed that I had been charged twice for the same supply of water."

Not directly BDC, but an interesting story.
I am in sheltered housing and most people get a call each morning
(to see if they're alive?).

We have an organisation that makes AP schemes attractive.
"The main group of young people were from the Northlands Youth Council, and they did a grand job."