In April 2000 there was a lot of publicity to persuade people to install water meters.

I did a calculation, and it indicated that I could save about 150 of the 255 bill each year.

This seemed a good idea and, after a few preliminary enquiries, I contacted the technical department of Basildon District Council.

After I made a phone call, I sent this letter to that department.

Then, after a bit of simple explanations, I was told that I could fit a meter. I asked for this to be confirmed in writing so that I could write to the water company for the fitting of the meter.

When I had no confirmation letter and no phone back I wrote this letter.

I got the meter installed in June 2000.

You may well ask, "Why on earth does this kind of thing happen?" The answer has to be, "If they can say no, they will!"

Once again, Ted is supreme!