I had the water meter fitted in June 2000.

When I got my first bill I noticed that I had been charged twice for the same supply of water. Once through the rent account, and once through the water rate bill. This gave an overlap of three days and a charge of 2.24.

Not to be daunted, and knowing how stupid the clericals can be, I decided to have some fun. I was certain that I would get the usual advice, "Oh no, Mr Aylward, you can't do that!"

Subsequent to my visit to the local office, I got this reply from a man we will meet later when I talk about the fence and the football. Let's call him Mr Porridge!

I often feel so sad for those simple people who do not, at once, realise that I am always right!

And, here we are again. Mr Porridge has to learn the hard way.

Trying to find some way to extricate himself, Mr Porridge decides that he is not competent to deal with the matter and I send him this letter.

I then had a phone call from a nice lady who spent twenty minutes telling how wrong I was. I just said, "I am right." (Well I'm always right!) The next day she phoned and spent twenty minutes telling me how right I was. (Well I'm always right - bloody annoying though - ain't it!?)

At last they see that Ted, once more, is correct. See this! And, note the bit about " .. refund our tenants .." (plural!)

The council had not only attempted to steal my 2.24, but had diverted similar cash from many other tenants' client accounts to the BDC general account. This is almost criminal negligence and fraud. I have no idea if the other tenants had their overlap water rate payments refunded to them.

Having won, yet once again, (don't it get boring?!) I sent this letter. Just to rub it in, I tore up the cheque for 2.24 and stapled it to the letter. Oh, Oh, I really love me!