Transit Van - Air Conditioned.

PA - Amplification 5KW
Studiomaster Powerhouse PH1000X-14, 500W+500W 14ch Powered Mixer
Behringer PMH1250S, 500W+500W 10ch Powered Mixer
Mackie CFX 12 10ch 350W+350W Powered Mixer
Studiomaster AX2500 750W+750W Power Amplifier
Studiomaster MOSFET1000 500W+500W Power Amplifier
Carlsbro Powerline Pro 600W+600W Power Amplifier
Behringer Euro-Desk l2442FX 24ch Mixer

PA - Speakers
JBL, T225, Pair,  2 X 15" with Horns, 500W+500W
Peavey, Pair HiSys 4, Pair,  2 X 15" with Horns, 750W+750W
Peavey UL15, Pair,  1 X 15" with Horns, 500W+500W
Studiomaster VX12, Pair,  1  X  12" with Horns, 250W+250W
Studiomaster PAX12, 12" 100W Powered Monitor

TASCAM 2488 24 Track Digital Recorder/Mixer
Boss R16 Digital Recorder

Zoom RT 223 Drum Machine

Behringer Feedback Eliminator

15  Mics & Stands

Fender Squire Precision Bass
Keyboards :- Yamaha P35 Digital Piano; Roland Juno Stage
Roland GW8; Roland Juno DI
AKAI Miniak Synth
Behringer Master Keyboard Controller
Alesis Vortex Keytar

Keyboard Amplification :-
Roland KC550 180W Keyboard Amplifier/Speaker Combo
Roland KC350 120W Keyboard Amplifier/Speaker Combo

Guitar Amplification :- Marshall AVT150 150W Amplifier/Speaker Combo