I have been playing keyboards extensively  since the age of eleven.
I am now er... well...somewhat...older... er  born 1958 .... you work it out!

I obtained a band "A"  'O' level in music and can therefore read with reasonable dexterity.

I have played in many, many bands over the last 30 years. Examples being, David Bowie tribute band, general MOR function bands, rock bands, classic rock bands and various duos/trios.

My general style is that of a keyboardist/synthesist. Although I am not primarily a piano player; I am a competent player.  I am a very strong lead solo player. However, I play different sounds; eg orchestral/organ etc. ; and parts with each hand, and work to fill out the overall sound, rather than clash with the bass player's/guitar player's parts.

My favorite Band/Artist is without exception, Rick Wakeman; who of course was the keyboard player for the 70's progressive rock band Yes. Other music tastes include fusion and progressive rock such as Stanley Clarke, Pat Matheny, Al Di Meola, Santana, Genesis, Camel, Caravan. On the lighter side, Blondie, Slade, Sweet, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, ABBA, Spandau Ballet, David Bowie, Roxy Music, are all much appreciated.

My twin brother is a gr8 guitarist - here is a link for him - KEVIN AYLWARD - enjoy the sound ! He also helped in the building of this site ............... So I can give him some of the blame ............ !!