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Tuesday, 26 March 2002 A letter from Chloe, I have not corrected the spelling, punctuation or grammar. And, below some of my thoughts.
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This letter is probably a mistake and you will of cause take it the wrong way but I feel I must say things unsaid.I have seen your website and the new additions on it. I saw you and a great feeling of pity came over me.Then I started to remember the dogs life you led me and all the nasty wicked things YOU had done.

I feel that the records need to be put straight and you should come to terms with what YOU have done.My letters to you came from a very different Chloe and anyone reading them will see that they came from a very hurt angry and disillusioned person.Yes I did love you very much and would have done anything for you.But you abused that love and distroyed it.I feel nothing but pity for you for someone who is living in a dream world a world where everyone is bad and you are the poor hard done by individual.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and face reality and what YOU did Mischa our first born, all he wanted was a father who could love and care for him.Don't you think it's about time that you said sorry to him for not being the father he needed and wanted? can't you see that the things he did was a cry for attention and love? the love you never showed him?

As much as you don't want to believe it I did make my peace with Lesley before she died it's about time you did the same with Mischa before you go up yonder.You seem to forget that Lesley was my daughter too and it was me who gave birth to her.We all suffered by her death,what you did then was unforgivable.

Kevin in America was alone and breaking his heart he didn't need the ip cheque you sent him or to be critisised.Don't you think he had feelings about things unsaid or undone? What hapened to Carljr.because of your interference.Four foster placements two boarding schools and two childrens homes(this has scared him for life)It was your version of the past that took him from me, not anything I had done nothing against me was ever proven and this is comming to light now.It was like when you tried to divorce me when the children were younger.I was a good wife and mother and I did everything you wanted me to do.

I now deeply regret I ever married you and even though I didn't want the divorce I am now glad it hapened because I became me.

Put the records straight Ted, I didn't keep writting or phoning you for four years either.When YOU sent me the Aniversary Card of YOUR divorce I took my wedding ring of and said "That's That" I had met someone else.Yes I did go a little wild after this,I was living my lost youth and teenage years.After Lesley died and I became a Christian and then Carljr came along I settled down.

The past is past and now I am happy.I am living in a loverly village by the sea where I am loved and respected.I am a Youth leader in one of the clubs. I work voluntary in a little shop, I write poems and childrens stories and have had some published.

You used to say "You must earn respect,"well I have done that and have many friends old and new,have you? Whoever sees your website must say"What a poor wreched man to have so much evil and hate in his life."

For your own sake Ted let go, stop living in the past, seak profesional help and advice and counciling you are only making yourself a laughing stock. Dont bother replying I only wanted to try to help you by trying to make you realise what the real truth is from another angle

The past is past we all make mistakes which we regret.Life goes on.Move on Ted.Enjoy the rest of what you have left of your life.

This is the advice you gave me(perhaps you should read your own letters to me?)I don't give you a second thought now.So forget me and what you THINK I did to your life I didn't ruin it you did that all by yourself.

All the best.


P.S. Oh by the way the 50 I lent Mischa when he was homeless and destitute has been repayed ten thousand times.


It is true that at the age of 69 I have few family and friends. Will someone tell me why? But, I do feel at peace. Perhaps Chloe should write to members of the family and my ex-friends and ask them why they do not speak to me. I would be very interested and would put the answers here.

I expect that Jesus felt a bit neglected at Easter. And, God must get a bit lonely sometimes.

I am always wary of people who say that they are good Christians. Chloe is always professing to being a good Christian.

She loved me? Do you love someone by :-
1. Holding scissors in their back in bed.
2. Trying to gas them.
3. Tell them that their food is poisoned.
4. Hold a knife to their throat, while shouting and spitting in their face. (hundreds of times)

If she was "a good wife and mother", then, when it came to the crunch, why did the children, as young adults, ask her to leave home because they preferred to live with me. What more damning evidence can you have?

The main comment that I feel I can make, is that Chloe does not give any facts. I give events, dates and documentary back-up. Can you provide any, Chloe? Please tell me, factually, of the bad things that I have done.

Chloe's solicitor told her that there was no point in defending the divorce action as the evidence against her was overwhelming. Even her friends' affidavits told of her unreasonable behaviour.

After I divorced her, she says, "I went a little wild". She became known as "one of the Craigshill Toms" - some little wild!

She says that she is a different person since writing the letters after I divorced her. Is this the different person who gave her three year old grand-son her sleeping pills in the morning to make him sleep during the day? Could it be this that scared(sic) him for life? And, her abuse of him?

She also says that I should make my peace with Mischa and Kevin. Kevin has been to visit me. I feel that Mischa should put his wrongs right. I note that he does not support her in her attacks on me.

Chloe says, "when Lesley died you should be ashamed of what you did". It was Chloe who turned her out of the house shouting, "You whore, you whore! I curse you, I curse you!" What a loving mother!

"I am living in a loverly village by the sea where I am loved and respected." Her neighbours told the child welfare and police that she was abusing her grand-son. Chloe told them, "I was playing kissing games with him."

I have no doubt that visitors to the site are baffled as to why I "wash my dirty linen in public". This is my version of my life, set out for the family and the generations to come. Visitors are privileged to be privy to the stories.

Chloe so "loved and cared" for Mischa, that she lied to the Salvation Army so that she could find him, tell the police where he was, and then get him brought up from England to Scotland, under police escort, to face charges of not paying maintenance.

I don't regret marrying her. It was interesting and gives me many thoughts - as set out here. A "baptism of fire" a "tempering in the fiery furnace of life".

I think that Chloe should "move on" and leave me to wallow in my own self pity. However! Is that possible for her?