From Chloe 28/03/02


You really are stupid you know.I wrote that letter with genuin concern and sympathy when I saw what you had become.You have no idear have you the impression you are giving people of yourself? I am NOT the same person I was all those years ago and you have no power over me any more.

If some one doesn't talk to you for weeks and months at a time they will naturally do things anything for a reaction.Since we have been apart(1975)there has been NO sign of any mental illness of me.You caused me to have breakdowns and that is all it was, "Depresive Mental Breakdowns" because of your treatment of me.

The taunts,the goading and deliberate provocations.Sorry it wont work any more.What you were like and what you told doctors is all on my medical records.

You are sadly deluded and no one can help you now except yourself if you wont take advice or professional counciling.I am not really interested.I just hapened to see your website when I was at Carls,I thought I'd see what you were up to.Now I've seen the idiot you are making of yourself and I know I can't help you I wont be looking again and the reaction you are expecting and hoping for wont come.

Who is really interested? Only people who want a good laugh.




An open reply to Chloe


I think that over the past weeks you have proved that you are the person you were those years ago.

It was because I realised that you were not mentally ill, when you turned Lesley out of our home, that I had the psychotic breakdown and went to murder you. It took 23 years of bullying by you to break me.

I can accept you telling 'negative lies' i.e. saying that you did not say or do things that you did. But, I cannot accept you telling 'positive lies' i.e. saying that I did or said things that I did not do. I never taunted or goaded you. The worst I did was to say, "If you don't stop shouting, I will not answer you." So, I stopped talking to you. The only action I can be criticised for is not talking to you when you were verbally bullying me.

I am glad that you have raised the matter of your medical records as that allows me to correct your statement.


Below I had details of Chloe's medical and welfare notes. As a gesture of goodwill I have deleted them. If anybody, (family?), wish to see them they may contact me and I will discuss the matter with them.

I f Chloe persists in harassing me, I will consider reinstating the notes. (Reinstated Monday, 08 April 2002)


Here is the letter I sent as a warning in September 1998


Monday, 08 April 2002. Chloe insists on harassing me so I have put further information below. I believe that if a statement is true, fair comment, or in the public interest, that it is not libel. It can be seen above that Chloe does say, " ........ what you told doctors is all on my medical records." It for her to write to me with a copy of those records.

Email received Monday, April 08, 2002


Stop telling out and out lies about me. You really are a nasty man, every one knows how you treated me and how I was made to obey your every command. I at no point gave Carl Jr. my medication was not even taking sleeping pills at that time. I stopped taking them soon after you left. The lies you told to the social workers were never excepted may have done some silly things in the past but I would never do anything to hurt Carl Jr. and he knows it. You used him to get at me. I couldn't be that wicked.

Please note who ever reads this. I have never agreed for my ex husband to put any details of my medical history on his web-site, and if he continues to blacken my name with his lies and twisted details of our private life, I will seek legal advice and take action against him for Slander and Defamation of Character. (back arrow to return)

This man is sick in the mind and anyone who knows me knows the truth. I do not need to broadcast to the world because those who mater know what the real truth is. I will not play your silly little games Ted I have better things to do with my life.

There is just one thing more, the poem Others is a laugh, when did you ever think or do anything for anyone else other than yourself? You even sold to your own daughter furniture. Ted you are a hypocrite.


A couple of years ago Chloe, while trying to get custody of Carl Jnr, was seen by a senior consultant psychiatrist. ".......... she does not have, and in my opinion she has never had, schizophrenia. She has a mild bi-polar condition that can be treated with medication, but she declines. She does have an untreatable personality disorder that makes her a danger to other people ..................."

Chloe says above, " ...... The lies you told to the social workers were never excepted ......" (sic) My 'lies' may not have been ... excepted .... but the expert's opinions were, as shown below.

"Carl's name has been on the Child Protection Register since 1995. A conference followed nine referrals from 1993, alleging wide mood swings, aggressive and irrational behaviour by Chloe and two referrals via the NSPCC about her handling of Carl."

"....... it was decided Chloe's care of Carl may be abusive - a police investigation followed. During this time contact with Chloe, was drastically reduced with indications that this had a positive impact on Carl."

"In recent weeks it has been felt increasingly that Chloe has been attributing disorders to Carl that he does not, on examination have."

"Carl has suffered emotional harm because of the emotional instability of Chloe. This harm has been compounded by the variety of labels attached to Carl, by her, over the months. These have included attention deficit disorder, mental illness, syndrome of pyrolunia hyperactivity, chemical sensitivity and so on. There is a strong suggestion of the child's behaviour being treated (by Chloe) with both prescribed and non prescribed medication placing him at additional risk of avoidable physical harm."

Chloe, I think that it is unlikely that people "will have a good laugh".