Thursday, 01 June 2000, Chloe sent me copies of some certificates that Carl Jnr. won at his school. He has done so well since he was taken away from Chloe. She sent them in order to "puff out her chest" little realising that once again she has "shot herself in the foot". He has been a great success since she has been prevented from poisoning his mind. Her neighbours complained to the police that they were of the opinion that she was abusing Carl Jnr. The accusations were very disturbing to all. The police had to take him by force. She is now only allowed to see him while under strict supervision. She has tried about 16 times to get better access and each time has failed. I REST MY CASE!

I sent her this mock certificate!

 When she looked after Carl Jnr. when he was about three, Chloe gave him her sleeping pills at 10am to keep him quiet all day. When Carl told me, I wrote to the child welfare people. I had a visit from a right idiot. He said that as Chloe had admitted it and promised not to do it again then he could do nothing about it. I gave up!

It now appears that as he is coming up to sixteen that he will go and live with Chloe. It is doomed to end in tragedy. One will kill the other!