Saturday, 03 June 2000. Chloe's mate has sent me this email!

 I am a friend of Chloe's and I have known her for quite a few years. I do not wish to get involved directly with your problems, but as I am on the Internet I thought it was fair that I gave her the chance to defend herself directly. The following message is from Chloe:

The illness Carl has stems from your side of the family, you admit that you and Carl are alike. I very clearly see the resemblance. I am not schizophrenic and I have medical evidence to prove this! Your version of the truth is far from correct and I will prove my point soon!

He who laughs last, laughs loudest & longest.



I replied with :-

Hi! Mate,

A good piece of advice. Don't get caught up in "ol' cloe's" problems!

I assure you that you will regret it, as have all the other people whose confidence she has wheedled her way into.

By the way, if you read the web site, you will see that I do not say that she has any mental illness.

When I realised that she was not mentally ill, but "evil", I had a breakdown and went to kill her. Sadly for the family I could not do it.

If you have any reasoning powers you will see that while Chloe had custody of Carl Jnr he was expelled from schools and was out of control. The certificates (SHE??) sent me shows how well he gets on now that she can not influence him.

Ask Chloe to let you see the reports of the social workers and psychiatrists.

You are quite welcome to email me.

I will have the courtesy to put these emails on my web site Together with your email address so that my friends can give you more information.

All the best.


He replied :-
well first of all, I don't intend to get caight up in anyone's problems. As I said at the start of the last mail I sent, I am just letting Chloe use my computer as a means of communication. I have no interest in her or your problems ok? Do not assume that I am involved in any way as I am not. You said things in your reply as if I was the one who sent you the message, it wasn't me remember? The message was from Chloe, I hope that is perfectly clear. As for putting these mails on your website, that is fine, entirely your choice. BUT, you say you will have the courtesy to do it, surely if there was any courtesy involved you would have asked rather than told me!! Anyway, I do not care about the mail being displayed, but I think you will find that you need my permission to display my email address to the world. I don't wish the address to be displayed, so if you wouldn't mind, leave that off the site. I have no interest in any information from your friends. Like I said, I want nothing to do with it, it is not my business, so for both our sakes don't involve me ok?



I had to try to extricate him from her clutches!


After I sent the emails I realised that once again I had fallen for one of Chloe's tricks. She has done similar before. I had a feeling that the email was from Mischa, but I was wrong.

What she does is to get a gullible person to send me a letter or phone me.

She knows that I do not accept inferred adverse comments on my behaviour.

Of, course, when I respond in a firm manner, that person becomes an enemy and tries to cause me trouble. So Chloe achieves her objective.

I have to admit that she is a very cunning and manipulative person.

She has used you to get at me!

My advice to you is to gradually move away from her. If you upset Chloe she will drive you into the ground. You will not stand a chance.

Ask yourself; why did she use you and not just send me a letter? Or she could have used Mischa or Kevin to send me an email. Think on it, mate!

One reason why I was heavy on you was the inclusion of "69" in your address. It does not inspire confidence.

The .exe attachment was a harmless text file. I can write destructive code but my morality does not allow it.

Take the advice of an old fool - extract yourself from this situation.

Please don't answer this email. I will remove your address from my site tonight and make the emails anonymous. There are no laws or rules governing the display of addresses on sites.

I do think that you would get a good feel of who I am if you browse through my site. I'm really not a bad fella!

All the best