In 1991 I was told that if I did not have a double bypass operation, that I would die within two years.

Jesus came to me and said, "Ted, I have work for you to do. Do not have the operation."

I was astounded! I thought, "Jesus wants me to die, and be with Him in Heaven, and help Him do His work.

But, I was wrong. He wanted me to live and do His work, here on Earth.

He came to me and said, "Ted, I am sad at people using My Name to support their evil ways. You are to speak to the world and tell My people of the evil works carried out by those who use My Name."

"Lord" I said. "I have no way to speak to the world." He replied by saying, "I am preparing the means through which you will do My work."

I was puzzled. I had no money. I was not working in the media. How was I to tell the world about the people doing evil work in His Name?

All this was forgotten, until the advent of the World Wide Web. This is what He must have meant. I started my web site with the item concerning who I believed to be using His name in error. I put many pieces of information on the site, but I did not have the documentary proof. I prayed and was told where to find the documents.

I was not certain that this was the way things were meant to be. He came to me again, and said, "Ted, you are doing well. You must now stop taking your medication." I was sore afraid. "Lord, but I will die!" was my reply. "You are not to die until you have done My Work here on Earth. Then you will be with Me in Heaven. You are cured. Your heart is healed."

And so it was. I was healed by Jesus. For Him, I keep this web site, giving the world the names of those who use His name to cover their evilness.

A year ago, I had doubts. Was I mad to believe that Jesus had come to me and told me to do His work?

Those doubts were to cause me great pain. I was struck blind. Just in one eye, and just for five minutes.

Further bad news was forthcoming. I had blood vessels blocked in my neck. These blood vessels served my brain. When I saw the specialist, he told me there was nothing that he could do.

I became very depressed and considered suicide. I had counselling, and the counsellor helped me.

Jesus came to me again, and said, "Oh, you of little faith. Do I oft have to harm you to prove Myself? I tell you once again that you are healed. You must continue to do My Work."

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I was afraid and depressed. Jesus spoke to me in my sleep and took me to Heaven. There, angels ministered to me. My diabetes is now no problem to me. Now Saturday, 13 August 2005 He has fully cured me of my diabetes. Hallelujah!  I no longer have to take medication! He must now have more of His work for me to do on Arran.

In October 2002, I had an operation, and Jesus was there, all the time. He held my hand through the operation and I recovered quickly. I returned home the next day. With His help, I suffered little pain.

He came to me when I was sorely vexed at receiving a blasphemous Christmas card. He spoke to me saying, "Ted, you must again do My Work." and He guided my hands.

Jesus has explained to me that there is no way to His Grace, other that by speaking to Him. He has no church. Those who claim to speak for him through their church are in grave error. You must wait for Him to call you, or ask for Him to come into your heart.

So be it. I continue to do His Work. He is my Saviour. He has thrice saved my life.

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