Dear Ted,

I wasn't going to respond to you ,but I have had second thourghts.It was very kind of you to send me the 5 which I didn't really need and which I gave away to one of my faviourite charities.i feel you may need the money more than me so I am sending you this 10 as a gesture of good will.You see I have family and good friends who look after me and see I want for nothing.

There IS something I feel you should know what Lesley said to me on one of her frequent visits to my home after she got the Cancer.She said" It's dads cursing of you that has rebounded back onto the one he loves the most" she also said When I went to see her in Inverness"I'm glad Carl told you about my illness I was going to tell you myself so that I could make my peace with you before anything hapened" and at another time she said after a visit when Mabel was there she said "I'm going to fight this don't worry mum you have found me you are not going to loose me yet".

I know you will not believe me but it is the truth and I will sweare on the Bible if you like.So you see it was not me that caused the Cancer it was you.She also told me how you tried to do Black Magic against me by sticking pins into a doll but it didn't work.

I wonder who really is the evil one? I am sorry that you still live in a fantasy world and the past.I don't, and my life is pleasent enough and I want the best for my children and grandchildren, that is why I want you out of there lives.Any more spare cash you have I sugest that you send it to Carlsr. he needs it with all the mumpers and cadgers he atracts and are living of him now he does not have the protection of Margret because of you.She was good for him.

I will not reply to anything else you may send I really am not interested in anything you say or do so long as it does not interfere with my life.I really do not have time for these silly little games.


 PS.Your mind must be going you have forgotten how to spell my name.


Tuesday, 06 July 1999

Dear Cloe,

Thank you for the 10 that you sent on behalf of Mischa. As I said in my last letter; Carl said that Mischa gives you money, so I'll accept it as part payment on the value of my car that he stole.

Margaret is still with Carl. I had a talk to her about the false information that you gave her and she accepted my advice. She sent me a Father's Day card.

Yes these are silly little games; though I do have a really good chuckle at them. I have always had a Puckish sense of humour. I wouldn't miss them for the world and I have plenty of time to enjoy them.


But! Now I will be deadly serious.

Just answer this one question :-

I quote your letter.

"What he says about me chucking Lesley out is completely not

true, I begged her to stay but she made her own mind up."


When you have answered that we can proceed to the next stage.



As for spelling; of course I know that your name is Cloe. You don't have to tell me!

You will have to see my web site to appreciate the innuendo.

If bad spelling is a sign of madness you should be worried. When I put your letter through the spelling and grammar checker, it had a nervous breakdown! You should have taken those education courses I told you to.

Lastly, please do not involve MY family in OUR affairs. They are just not interested.