Carl sends me Chloe's letter again.


Dear Carl,

I am so sorry that you cannot think for yourself or see what that man is doing to you.I am sorry that you feel that you have to send him my personal letters to you.

If you realy want to know the truth then you will listen when I talk to you and not drown me out or shut the door in my face.

You will think for yourself and not be told what to do by your father. You are a grown man now of 4Oyrs you can't be that gulable.I will not respond to his letter or his coments I do not wish to be drawn into his silly little games.All the people who he writes his silly little stories about have found out the real truth about him thats why they dont talk to him or want anything to do with him.

Mischa knows the truth and so does Kevin and Ivor his own brother realises how sick he really is.

Your father is living in a fantasy world of what he wants to be true,he can't be that happy and contented if he has to keep dweling on the past.I havent lost all my friends they will be at the next court hearing.I am making new fiends all the time.The area he lives in is one of the worst in the town I have been told.

I will never give up my fight to get Carl Paul back because I have done nothing wrong and whether I win the next case or not I know he will return to me one day.It is only the lies of your father that continue that caused him to be taken hearsay and gosip no real evidence at all against me was produced.I tried to protect him from abuse and harm and deep down you know this. Try to stop blocking out the good I did for you how I worked all hours in that hospital and in private nursing for the ' get you and Nannette what you needed

Even Nannettes sisters must remember,my debts which are all now in order are not my debts they are all of yours and your sons.

I wont respond to any other letters but tell your father thanks for the fiver I gave it to a worthy cause.I dont need his hand outs.neither does Carl Paul.

Oh by the way my second book of poems has now been published I don't supose you would like a copy? Margret might?

When some one does to you what you have done to me after a lifetimes work and caring perhaps you will know how I feel. I had a lifetimes Mental Cruelty from your father not as he portrays it ask the old frient from the past.He did a lot more to me than he pretends he remembers. One thing which sticks in my throat is how he took a woman out while I was in bed in hospital having Mischa and this woman he repeatedly took out to Epping Forest ask his family about Geraldine.He even kept a photo of her in his walet.

He didn't stay away only one weekend, he went out repeatedly and came home at all hours I never knew where he was ,one weekend he never came home or gave me any houskeeping money I walked to his mothers and found out later that he was hiding in the back Kitchen.I'1l tell you the truth Carl when are ready to listen and you are not twisted by the wickedness of That man



Thursday, 08 July 1999

Dear Carl,

I am answering the points raised in Cloe's letter to you as you requested and sending a copy to her.

You are able to decide matters for yourself. Remember when Mischa turned you against me and you didn't talk to me for eighteen months? In the end you yourself saw through the deceit. He hasn't contacted you for years and never sent you as much as a fiver. I believe that you have a balanced though unconventional view of people. Who has been the only person who has always been upfront to you even to the point of self criticism? Your brothers do know the truth but are frightened to tell her.

Look son, when Cloe knocks on the door next time, why not let her in. Keep quiet, and let her talk to you. Listen to her and then think about what she says. OK? You lived with her for many years and are able to assess her sincerity.

It's strange that she realises that someone can live in a fantasy world and yet cannot apply that to herself. Her court experiences should do this as I said in my last letter to her. She has written to the Queen, Prime Ministers and Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all. And yet she does not see that she is living in a fantasy world. I enjoy it when she goes to court and gets knocked back. What I do not like is her having any access to Jnr.

Did you see the recent report of the mother who was jailed for murdering her son by giving him her medication. How close Jnr. came to that, we will never know. No wonder she is closely watched when she is with him. I reckon that if things go as they are now she will be denied all access to him for his safety.

It seems as though she has written to my family! She can sometimes make me very angry.

Well! We know about ALL her friends, don't we!!

Oh dear! Oh dear! She tried to protect Jnr. from abuse. Out of the frying pan into the fire?

Ivor must have told her this is "the worst part of town". There is a waiting list to get in. Ivor helped to pick it, so it must be one of the best! He's a funny old sod. Chloe says that I am a lonely old man. You should see poor old Ivor and Joyce in the club. No one talks to them. They only turn up to prove that I can't hunt them out! They hate the place as it isn't posh enough for them. They turn up at exactly 21:07 and leave at exactly 22:33. We all take the piss out of them. I bet Cloe won't tell them that! She has (friends?) in Basildon so she could visit them, and come to my club and see the truth. Ivor would put her up.

All her debts are other peoples? She sold Carl Jnr's toys to pay off her debts.

Try to get her poems. Perhaps she'll put those in about the single rose and the she wolf.

Yes I took a girl home from the First Aid class. I did nothing and I told Cloe straight away. The girl was having trouble and I gave her a shoulder to cry on.

Yes. I left Cloe for six weeks and lived in digs when we had been married for six years so that I could get a divorce. I took my clippie out, tried to make love to her but couldn't. Even having left Cloe I couldn't make a relationship until after I had the divorce. I have never been unfaithful to any of my wives or partners. But, Cloe, when we were married got the London Weekly Advertiser, (the whores gazette!), and had a relationship with a man that she picked out of the paper. She don't half call the kettle black! Oh, and further more, Cloe did not like the idea that Geraldine was coloured. I can't remember having her photo in my wallet. All I remember was all the sequins that came off her dress into the car!

Can you imagine what your lives would have been like if I had succeeded in the divorce? We have seen what a good mother she is by the way she has ill treated Jnr. At least I stuck it out until you were all grown up.

I've told these stories to everyone lots of times. I have never denied them.

Anyway I don't have to tell you what she's like. She tried to dump you at Plymouth so that Kevin could have your flat.

Why was I just admonished at the knife trial and given the divorce "on the nod"? After all, I divorced her on the grounds of cruelty. Her solicitor told her, that considering the evidence of witnesses, she should not contest the case. She took his advice.

Yes, I did leave her for one night and stayed at my mum's. It's a long story that I will go into later in the development of my life story. Suffice it to say that it is one of the times that she has phoned my employer to cause trouble. That time was because she had money troubles. Me!! Hide in the kitchen!!!! Can you believe that??? No way Hosé!!

I'm enjoying this. I'll send you Cloe's copy to forward to her. If she knows it's from me she may not open it.

All good thing come to an end, so I'll sign off. Let's wait for the explosion of her anger. I enjoyed your way of spelling Chloe; "C - O - W". I like it! I like it!