I knew I shouldn't have answered your letter, I really don't want anything at all to do with you.

I did not involve your family you did that yourself by sending me there stories which I am not really interested in Ivor did send me a letter which you sent him as he thourght it might help me with my case.

This will be my last letter to you as I want to get on with my life, I dont want to remember the living hell I had with you.If you persist in this stupid game the next letter will be from my solicitor.If there is any slanderious statements or remarks on the internet then I will take the apropiate action. I know there are lots of nutters who put all sorts of rubish on the internet so one more shouldn't make much impact to anyone who has nothing better to do with there time but I will put a stop to your silly little games if my name is slandered.



Tuesday, 20 July 1999

Dear Cloe,

I didn't think that you would write to me again, but as a courtesy, I reply. I note that you will not be writing again.

I find it puzzling that you describe your life with me as a living hell. After all, you wrote hundreds of letters to me over a period of four years, and kept phoning me begging me to have you back. If you remember, it became so bad that my solicitor wrote to you warning you that you were committing a criminal offence by sending obscene missives through the post. Also, I divorced you on the grounds of cruelty, not the other way round!

When you consult your solicitor he/she will require some background to your claim. He/she will need to contact the police and social work department to ascertain whether any slanderious (sic) statements have been made. He/she may well advise you that action would be inadvisable. I, on my part, would not like to go into court and make public our family history. The tabloids would have a field day! Though it could make legal history through challenging the freedom of www.eaylward.freeserve.co.uk to exist. You may tell him/her that I have given you "the right to reply". I always put your letters on my site so that visitors have a balanced presentation. As I have said, any counter arguments you wish to post on the site are very welcome

I look forward to reading your book when it is published. Perhaps I should see it first to ensure that you have not libelled me.

I thought that Ivor might help you. He is very close to Mischa. He once told me that Mischa looked upon him as a surrogate father. I find that quite flattering. If you speak to him he may contact Ivor on your behalf and arrange for you to stay with Ivor, Joyce and Karen for a break.

It was not my intention that Carl should sent you the pages, and you should not have passed them to Ivor in an effort to cause trouble. But; Ivor cannot be too bothered with the pages that you sent him. Karen has not phoned me to object. She certainly would if my proposed fiction novel were to annoy her family. If you would like her address I will send it to you.

I will be putting adverts in the local papers and the Ford Bulletin asking for people who remember me to contact me with any interesting anecdotes for my autobiography. I expect there are many of my old friends who will recognise my name, would like to see my web site and be included in it.

At last, at last, the government have tabled legislation enabling the compulsory detention of people with serious untreatable personality disorders before they commit an offence. This will prevent psychopaths from injuring and killing people. There was the recent case of a mother giving her son her medication and killing him. This law might have saved his life.

There are always prior signs that someone is a danger. These signs are, writing to people in high positions, feeling that all are against them, alleging that they and their family are being harmed by officials, being over protective to children, injuring children and making persistent unreasonable recourse to law. In the end, these people resort to violence to achieve their imaginary rights. The new law will identify these people and incarcerate them before they do harm.

I do not expect you to reply to this letter but I will understand.