Carl, again sends me Chloe's letter

Dear Carl


I tried to tell you that It will be going back to court down here and I hope to dissprove the lies told about me.I am not wicked or evil and I should have some respect from you.You need a little reminder of the things I did for you and Nannette and what your father didn't do.He is the wicked evil one the way he has poisened your mind of me. He has well and truely flipped his lid and is trying to make you go the same way.He doesn't care two hoots for Carl Paul and one day you will see it.He is using him to get at me.

I gave Carljr.a good life that is why he loves me and wants to come home, it is your fathers lies from the past that were used.The lies he told doctors.If you were to read my medical notes you would see what they thought about him.

Some reminders of what he did to you.He bashed you about the head in your room and you were crying to me to make him stop I was too tent ied of him to stop him.this was just before you first went into hospital and probably what helped cause your illness.He threw your disco unit out of the window and smashed it.

He was going to put you out at sixteen and you had no where to go I tried to find you a caravan or some other place to stay.He put Mischa out he doesn't give a damb about anyone bar himself.Even if I did curse(which I don't remember doing) how on earth could that have caused cancer?

He has cursed me enough with cancer of the bowels has it hapened?.No1 no one can do things like that,but he is wicked to even think that.There is no place for people like that in Gods Heaven.

You need a reminder of the way I worked in the hospital and for the B.N.A. in private homes to get you and Nannette the things you needed.How I suplied your needs her needs and her families needs.How you used to lie in your bed half the day and phone me along to come and get the baby. How you used to ask me to help you clean up the house after her family had been and made the mess.How I saved Carls life when he took your pills.He wouldn't be alive today if it wern't for me.

Some judges wouldn't even entertain Nannette as a mother if they knew what she'd done. The way niether of you could be bothered to get up to feed him and the way you lined up his bottles and cheeses by the side of his cot.The sour stinking bottles of milk a week old and stinking nappies left for days because you didn't know how to wash them or what to do with them.No I am not a bad parent it was what you and Nannette did in the begining that caused and was the start of all the trouble.With me Carl Paul was well cared for and protected. It was because I cared so much for him and didn't like to see him corarning to any harm that this has hapened and I will prove it somehow.

You have also forgotten how you and Kevin cried for me to help get you moved down here because of the bad area.

If Carl Paul stays up there he will have no chance in life and that is what I have been fighting for to give him a chance in a decent school and live in a decent area free from drugs and crime.

This is a good area and vertually free from crime.Carl loved it here.I am not trying to take him from you ,but I do want my rights restored and the right to have him for holidays I feel I deserve this.You are blinded by the wickedness of your father who is trying to turn you and will start on Carljr if he gets a chance against all that is good.

I am a good kind loving person and I have never done anyone any harm, all the children of this village love me.AIl Carls friends and he had lots down here wai}t to see him and ask all the time when is he comming home.

I never denied you contact the way you are trying to do to me.I was in fisical pain and coping with a highly active child you and Nannette were pleased for me to have him and did practally nothing to ease my burdon.Now after all the hard work is done you decide you want him back.

Well I am not going to give up without a fight, I want JUSTICE and some consideration for all the work I have put into bringing up a difficult child.

Ten years of total love and devotion deserves something. Carl Paul is allways happy to see me and wants and needs a holiday(in my care he had a holiday every year I paid and sent him on holidays even when resbite was refused)He needs a holiday by the sea side.Do you want him to spend all his days like you or do you want better for your son?

He has not had any holiday in there care for three years all his things keep going missing or are distroyed in the homes he is shunted around to. He should not be in care.He had a good Christian home with me and you both know it.

I have done nothing wrong,there were no witnesses in court to say what I was suposed to have done.Bare faced lies were told of oath in court and I am to prove it.I am not mentaly ill and I am not a bad parent and I will prove it somehow.

You should show some gratitude for all I have done for you over the years.

Well at least Mischa apreciates me and can see through your father and so does Kevin thats why they dont have anything to do with him.I really am sorry for you Carl and what he is doing to you.

It seems to me that the people who are good to you you treat badly(like Margret and me) and the ones who do you wrong you care about and are led astray by Wally (the Leach, and you father)

This letter is to you NOT your father,so just keep him out of it.



12/10/99 13:49

Dear Cloe,

As I have said before, Carl sends me your letters and I talk with him regarding how to reply. He has signed this letter to assure you that this is so.

All your letters are sent to the appropriate authorities so that they may see your emotional instability.

Carl does not want you to write to him. He has told me to write that he thinks that you are an evil woman. He has said this to you personally (today he has just phoned me!!), and on the phone.

Action is being taken to stop you exploiting the legal system in appealing to the courts each month. This is causing upset to all involved. Your cause is lost. You will never have unlimited access to Carl-Paul.

In three short years he will make his own mind up. He has told his dad that he wishes to live with him. I have had several long phone calls with CP and I am building up a relationship with him. I will be seeing him in the spring. There is no doubt in my mind, that as he settles and builds up his confidence in his dad and me that he will confide in us and unburden himself. Then the truth will be out.

In your letter you say that you want JUSTICE. Carl, CP and I are certain that within a year you will get it!

Carl has read me some of the letters that you send to the Social Work people. Comparing those with the letters that you send to us, it is clear that you are a cunning and astute person. But, your writing to us is your undoing! Please continue if that is what you want.

It pleases me, so much, to hear that you have a good relationship with Mischa. You have so much in common. As he trusts you so much, perhaps he will let you have Harry stay with you for a week or two. You will be able to play the games with him that you played with CP. I know that you would enjoy that.

Carl and I discussed Wally and now he has left. Margaret still visits Carl.

Kevin and I have been in contact by email. He has sent me copies of the project on which he is working. He is very clever. His last email contained photos of him playing the guitar.

My health has vastly improved. I no longer need any medication for my heart condition. I am now back to normal. I exercise, go for walks and enjoy my dancing.