Friday, 06 December 2002

For a long time I have not given CJ a birthday or Christmas present. When I did, I got nasty phone calls or notes from her saying not to send him anything as I was only trying to influence him. I knew that she would cause him some upset if I did, so I stayed out of the way. As I have said elsewhere, I would not get involved in a 'tug of love', as the one person who loses is the child being fought over.

Because it was CJ's sixteenth birthday ---- his entry into the adult world -- I thought that I would give him a present of 100. Carl told me that Chloe was angry about it, and I did think of asking him to just send the 100 back to me. Talking to his dad, last night, I said that as I now had a 'few bob' I would sent him some more for CJ. I am going to have to have another think about that now!

This is how Chloe was with the children. If I talked to them - I was trying to turn them against her. If I was busy, and told them to wait until a bit later - she would shout at me, and say that I could not be bothered with them. I could never win! I now know that she does it to bully and control, and she still does it. She is very manipulative.

Yes I know that you think that I am trying to stir it up between CJ and Chloe. What I am doing, is just to tell the truth. My motto is 'always tell 99% of the truth - the truth is very powerful'.

  This is her letter, enclosed with the CD ROM I sent him of the family tree

What I find sad, is that CJ would think that I would send him a virus. I have given CD ROMs to my grand-nephew, Mark, (who is the same age) and doubt if he would have a thought like that.

Why don't I give Carl Snr some money? Simple .... he gets a bigger income than I do. I get 98/week after paying rent and council tax. Out of that, I have saved 3,000 in two years! That's how I was able to afford the new computer. This is in stark contrast to Chloe, who has a very good income, but has had to be bailed out by her sons (and this is after having a 30/week allowance from Mischa.) Indeed she has been bankrupt twice! Makes you laugh, doesn't it?!

I had a break while doing this page, and I have got a good idea of how to give CJ some money, and at the same time helping Chloe. I don't want to help Chloe, but if, as a side issue, she is helped ............... what the hell!

Carl tells me that Chloe has a job getting CJ to have a bath .... now that's sad, CJ!

Right ------ what I'll do is this. From the first full week in 2003 - starting on the 6th., if CJ has at least one bath each week, I'll give him 10 each week for ten weeks. By that time, he may be in the habit! Chloe will have to decide whether he gets the 10, tell his dad, and he will give him the 10. This way CJ gets what I was going to give him anyway, and Chloe gets the benefit of him bathing.

I'll talk to Carl over the weekend. Anyone see any problems?

Chloe will not learn to keep her mouth shut! See here for her reply to the above.