This letter by Chloe to the Social Work Dept. shows how she tries to bully and threaten the authorities by accusing their officers of collusion and lying. Also she accuses them of trying to induce her to have a mental breakdown. She does confirm that there are medical records that she prefers not to be seen by the welfare authorities.

Proof of Conspiracy to take my grandson from me by

Social Worker ********

by Chloe D. Aylward.

In September/October 1995, ********* got Information from my old doctor in Scotland regarding my health condition, it is in her statement to the courts, this private and confidential information she has passed on to evryone she has come into contact with including the Tavistock Clinic in London, because it was in there Report which was completed by Dec/Jan1996/ I gave NO ONE permision to see my Medical Notes untill

March 1997 and then only my own solicitor,The only way Doctor ****** could have the information of what Medication I was on then was from *******'s addmitted contact with my old Doctor, The ****** also had this information, where did they get it?. From the School Mr. ****** had a full hour with them before I arrived and also the School filled in a form and gave it to the ***** which they have and are refusing to let me see, Anyone who has information on me I am entitled to see and any wrong information I am alloud to correct. The ***** had Information before I released it to anyone. I do Not recall giving the ***** permision to see my Medical Notes, I gave them permision to see Carls Medical Notes and Social Services information, I did NOT know then in April 1996 what Social Services had on me?.This proves that ****** must havetold them, she had no right to pass on my Private Medical information to anyone and every one which she has done. ******* had Contacts with evryone and has very delibrately passed information to everyone because it is comming out in all there reports. We know that she has lied about the foster home and that she has lied to Carls mummy's family and perswaded them to also lie, We know she has lied about other things, If she has lied at all then this proves that she is an unreliable witness, and her Statements should be disregarded and anything that she has passed on to other people should also be disregarded.She had the Motive and the oportunity to dicredit me for her own personal gain.She has helped the School to cover the assaults

by Ignoring what Carl has told her, They had to save the school they had vertualy nothing against me so they had to invent things to blacken my name and discredit me to everyone, I saw to much on my breif visits to the school and had gained other information about the school, They knew that I was determind to get Carl out and they blocked my every atempt, because every time I made a positive move to change the school they took some kind of action which caused Carl to remain there, Her actions and the lies that she told everyone about me have helped to provoak me to anger and to make people believe that what was in those medical reports to be true. She has Been the main Instigator and has caused all the stress I have been under for the past two years, I Very Strongly Disbute the Diagnosises of the Doctors from the past, and would like the doctors of today to re-consider there diagnosis, because of how well I have stood up to ALL the pressures. The deliberate actions of which I have more

proff have failed to bring about this Breakdown. I am not the person I was 25 years ago, and if I am the cause of some of my grandsons problems, then it is because of the Deliberate pressures and lies told by *******, Who has done the very same thing to other people.

My grandson is not happy at that school and the assaults I can prove(if they have not been removed from his medical records that were so quickly uplifted when he was taken into care) he has convyed this to so many people, that is why I have been trying so desperately hard to get him out of it,and for the guardian of the child to ingnor this and help cover this up by not beleaving a child in his care, when there is overwellming proff and to put in his Statement to the courts that he thinks it me that has instigated this, I think is disgusting.And also placing him back into the same inviroments where he has suffered this abuse.

This will NOT be covered up and I will take it to a Higher Court if it takes me the rest of my life,My grandson has been bruetily assaulted and I will get Justic.

It apears that the Guardian has also been hoodwinked to believing her lies, I would not like to think that he to has taken part in this conspiracy, which is being proved and put together bit by bit as theese reports come out, and I gain information.

Why? am I not being given the same oportunity as Nannette assessment with Carl,by more supervised contacts like she having,?.I have never been properly assessed with Carl at all by anyone, a one only visit with ******* to the shops.The fact is you do not want to find out how good I am with Carl and any other child. This proves a biased opinion based on lies told by the Social Worker ********.