You can blame this section on Lil! She bought me a mouse mat, and it brought back thoughts of thirty years ago of reading the "I Ching" book. Twenty years ago, I wrote an " I Ching" program on the Dragon computer, but I did not put any text on it. This program uses the computer, and your 'mental ambience', to select the hexagram by 'divination', and gives guidance and advice.

If you have one of these mats, only use it in the orientation as shown. Personal upsets could be caused if you do not!

It is not my intention to set out here a detailed critique of I Ching. There are many thousands of pages on the web about "I Ching". Just go to Google, and put in "I Ching".

Suffice it is to say, that, in some circles, "I Ching" commands the same, (more?), respect than astrology and Tarot Cards. Though, you don't have to do much to achieve that!

In proper I Ching divination, the seer casts the runes, and using his/her learning, guides the subject. A start point for the beginner is to use 'runes', and refer to the "Book of Changes". I don't want to put you off, but it has 740 pages of small print! (See here)

The hexagram matrix, used in the divination is shown here.

I have simplified the process by writing this program. It is said that a person's demeanour can affect the generation of random numbers by a computer, and I have used this phenomenon here. (Who the hell does he think that he is kidding!)

You can left click and run the program, or right click and 'Save Target as ..'

It is an .exe program, but it is safe, as are all the .exe files on this site. (But, do beware, virus checkers cannot detect malicious code in .exe programs!)

Click here for the program