Today, (Monday, 07 February 2000), I received a letter from Mr. De Prochnow, enclosing a copy of the draft rules of the club, not a copy of the registered rules. He had sent me a copy before. He said that Hampson has told him that he has sent two copies of the registered rules to me. Hampson is a liar.

I answered Mr. De Prochnow's letter and apologised for any personal abuse and said that I believed that we have both been used by those who have a position to protect.

Despite the slanging, I do believe that Mr. De Prochnow is a sincere man. He has trusted those whom he knows; and they have hoodwinked him.

So, that's it. The finale and the requiem.

I have had a few emails from people who have been just as sorely treated. A member of the mailing list has started a site for RBL members who have something to say. I will look at it in detail and let you know how it is.

In time I will remove all reference to these matters, but I will include them when I get around to writing that autobiography.