It took two years after I divorced Chloe for me to have any desire for women's company. The twenty-three years of stress had taken its toll on me. Yet, I didn't realise it while I was going through it.

Chloe, on the other hand; according to my sons; was having "the life of old Riley". Her reputation even reached me in the local were I drank. Lesley said, "It's OK dad, mum's sowing her wild oats!" I did wonder why it was that I couldn't.

For those two years, I might as well have been a eunuch. I had a couple of relationships before I met Jackie. Even an engagement, but it didn't work out.

At the time, I was doing my hypnotist act and I was managed by a friend who played drums in a group. To have entertainment and company I went around with the group.

Jackie and her friend were at one of the gigs and we got chatting. As she was twenty-five years younger than I was, at twenty years old, I did not think that we would become attached. My engagement had been to a girl of a similar age to Jackie, but as I said, that didn't work out.

Jackie and her friend came home with a friend of mine and me and we got to know each other. A few days later Jackie moved in. I seemed to be "at home" with her.

Jackie told me that three years before, while she was pregnant, she had had a brain haemorrhage. Although her life, and the baby's life, had been saved, her husband could not deal with the situation and had left her. The haemorrhage and the subsequent operation, together with the rejection had caused Jackie to become depressed.

After a while as we settled down Audrey, her daughter came to live with us. We all related well.

It was at this time that I left work and set up as a hypnotherapist. Jackie was my receptionist.

We married three years after we met. All my family came up to Scotland. Lesley was matron of honour; she was not well at that time.

Our marriage lasted nine years; so, we all lived together for twelve years. I had some of my happiest times, and few sad times. Maybe later I'll relate some of each.

Jackie, Audrey and I are all good friends and sometimes they come down to stay with me. Audrey now has a daughter, aged five. Sadly, her marriage did not last long. Do any marriages these days?

By the time this page is uploaded Jackie will most likely be on the net, so I had better be nice to her!

Maybe more later.