I have looked at a few sites on the web, and have not found one that agrees with me!

This one gives an idea of the convoluted thinking of an over intelligent analysis. I just say, ďAll actions are dependent upon a myriad of previous actions.Ē Can it be any other way?




Are we just glorified robots ? Is a Porsche Turbo just a glorified Ď54 Beetle ? Perhaps - but what Glory.


The "freedom" in freewill is the glorious ability of our minds to reprogram themselves and to evaluate automatic thoughts and emotions. We all have this ability, and we all choose to utilize it to a greater or lesser degree. The effects of nature, nurture, random events, and past decisions are not eliminated, but can be modified by our ability to project consequences and by our power to influence choices - by our awareness of freewill itself. All of this abstract thinking, projecting and deciding is the product of mechanistic causation, determined but not determinable. It is this freedom that makes us human.


Letís not squander our freewill by boxing ourselves in with irrational beliefs and counter-productive emotions, poor thinking, or lack of knowledge. The widespread awareness of this new understanding of freewill may help to usher in a great new era of human development based on a morality of reason and understanding, in which true knowledge of the nature of man leads us to a workable pro Optimal Living ethic and psychology, that minimize tribalism and foster individual responsibility. We can reach a new peak of human greatness: The third phase in human development - from primarily genetic determinism, to largely social determinism, to self-determination - is achieved by greater use of freewill and reason. The evolution of mankind is now in our own hands, the genie of freewill is out of the bottle and we cannot put her back. Letís make the most of our free wishes.


Peter Voss ,July 97††