Where is humanity going? There must be a time coming when we are sophisticated enough to universally reject the illogical presentation that God exists & the conflict that it brings.

The 19th century was a hundred yeas of colonial, empire wars.

The 20th century was a hundred years of political wars.

The 21st century will be a hundred years of religious wars.

These wars will affect people such that they will become sick of the havoc wreaked by religion. In the same way that Europe united to expel fascism & communism, so the world will unite to expel religion. Europeans will be the pathfinders who show how religion can, and must be eliminated.

Over the next 25 years there will be an escalation of religious conflict, with a high rate of civil unrest in all countries. Attempts will me made to control the unrest with legislation and internment. This will have the effect of uniting all factions, as all religions will have riches and power to lose. There will be ‘arrangements’ to carve up the world, as in Europe after WWII.

“Those who do not learn from their history, will be condemned to re-live it!”

During the coming 25 years a new organisation will be formed, which will unite all secularists, atheists and humanists. There is, at now, a rising resentment among these shown in the increasing number of TV programs by people such as Dr Jonathan Miller, and Richard Dawkins. Other broadcasters have shown how the bases of religion are in power, ignorance & wealth.

This secular organisation will have 40% of the population in the UK, and will be active in politics. It will gain control of government and oust religion from monarchy and parliament. Religions will lose their privileged tax position. They will be banned from exhibiting their practices. Religion will be banned from all educational establishments & broadcasting. Training minors in religion will be banned under the child abuse legislation.

For the past fifty years, small groups and individuals have partially disestablished the church from parliament. A non-religious oath may soon be taken by MPs. We have Sunday trading, Sunday gambling, prostitution, legal brothels, birth control, abortion, same-sex marriage & adoption.

Other European countries have already divorced religion from state, and are legislating to remove power from religions.

Near the end of the 25 year period, the USA, where, at the moment, there is a rise in Nu-Cons, and fundamental Christianity; there will be rebellion, as they follow the revolution in Europe & pave the way for the "new heaven on earth" following the earth's destruction by "fire".  ( ..... and they will  be of the 144,000  chosen to  manage  the new heaven  ...... !! )

At about 2025 there will inter-country religious wars.   As Revelations says, “East will rise against west.” Nice to get a warning from a book that will be banished! However, it could be argued that those intelligent writers of 2850 years ago, saw what I am seeing now!

The inter-country wars will stalemate, and this will cause agreements, and alliances to be formed.

Twenty-five years later, 2050, all hell will break lose, as one alliance makes a surprise nuclear attack on others. (As at Pearl Harbour) After three years, all will realise that it is a ‘no win’ war, and the international ban on religion will follow.

Now ……………. This armistice may last for a millennium, or two. But, we can be certain that religion will return, and the cycle will spin once more!

How do I know this? Think of me as a weather forecaster watching the winds, clouds, air pressure etc. and predicting the weather. Or ….. maybe …… I am just an informant!

Can we now say that  all religions are based on collusion, illusion & delusion ?