13th May 2016.  Mother Nature /God has a voratious appetite. She/He consumes the whole population of the world every centuary.

For the past year, or so, I have been trying to reconcile what I see around me, with a loving ‘God’.

I use the term 'God' to anthropomorphise my vision of a non-material being that is a brain that spans the universe(s). He/She/It is not related to the 'Father Christmas' figure of many religions!

Here I give a ‘Janet & John’ view of how the universe, ‘God’, and eventually us, came into being.

Before God, the universe was filled with non-sentient energy. By some fluke, this energy developed into a sentient consciousness. This is similar to how sentient humans developed from non-sentient amino acids. 

This sentient ‘brain’ is God. (a brain, comprised solely of energy, that fills all space.)

It was all knowing, for it had the only ‘brain’! It was all present, as it filled the universe! It was all powerful, because it was all the power in the universe!

However, he (I will use ‘he’) was not very happy. He said to himself, "I am not satisfied. I feel only 90% complete."

So, he took one ninth of his energy and made it into material, and, as quantum particles, it was scattered across space. "There! That can look after itself, and grow. I will not influence it. When it has developed and grown to twice its worth, I'll bring it all back and I will be complete

These quantum entangled particles were scattered evenly throughout space and remained static, at absolute zero, until there was a slight movement by one particle. This caused other particles to move and collide. As they collided and merged, the mass grew greater. As the mass grew greater, the movements became faster. Gravity was formed that led to the creation of a massively dense singularity. The singularity E X P L O D E D!! In the explosion, time, space and matter were created. This event was the essential trigger for the formation of the galaxies and eventually to our development.

God did not design the universe. He stood aside and allowed it to develop according to ‘natural’ laws."

Now, we have a hypothesis that should appeal to both deists and astrophysicists! Here is an explanation of ‘God’ that allows the ‘Big Bang’!

Astro-physicists  tell us that over 90% of the universe is missing! They call the missing matter ‘dark matter’. Is this undetectable matter the God bit that was not sent out as the universe? I assure you that I developed my 90%/10% theory at least 25 years ago, before the ‘dark matter’ theory showed that 90% of the matter in the universe could not be detected. A lady, who shall remain nameless, tried to get me to set up a new religion. She wanted to con people and make money!

From Radio Times Feb. 2006