This will be brief !

If you Google "GROUPISM"  you will find many entries, But, I could find none that viewed it as a pernicious sickness of humanity that has to be removed from the psyche.

I do not recognise "antisemitism" , islama-phobia , anti-immigration and such epithets. They are simply just "GROUPS".

At the time of writing, there have been populist waves of outbursts by people who identify themselves as being members of a select group; and .... retaliatory  reaction by  other self nominated select groups.

Each claims that it is the sole inheritor of this planet, and is hell-bent on destroying all others & establishing their rights as such; as they claim that the "supreme being" or "mother nature"has designated their group as the masters of the planet !

We must make it an offence  .... punishable by DEATH to identify oneself with any group other than humanity.

I am not a member of the white/black community .... of the Jewish/gentile community ..... of the Dutch community .... of the Anglo Saxon community ....  English ... Scottish al..

The only community of which I am a member, is the human community; and come the day when we meet "people" from other planets, I'll then be "one of them/us".

Parallel to the above argument; I leave you with a question that must be answered "YES" or "NO".

"Should a person fight for what they believe in ?"
For all around this planet Earth, millions are doing just that !

In "Imagine" Lennon says :-  " Imagine there's no  countries;   It isn't hard to  do;   Nothing to kill or  die for;
 And no religion   too".

Perhaps he should have written "No group to kill or die for "

Why would God, or Mother Nature, create groups, rather than an homogeneous whole ? Consider the idea that it is to expedite "The Advancement of the Species by Natural Selection" ; or as I eloquently put it, "Myriad Causal Determinism".
No conflict .............. no progress ..............


My son sent me this email & I replied :- (Links may not be valid over time)


Read the “show more” under the video before the comments. Its amazing how many good things the Quran says about Christians and Jews. So why nowadays are the Muslims so hateful and want to genocide them all now ?   


My reply

The answer is so very simple .... and you are aware of it ....
There is no one universal, single religion that depends on a single tomb.
Each adherent (or group of adherents)  has his/her/their  own interpretation of those  writings.
They even dispute that the words in the “BOOK” are the TRUE  words of their prophet/savior.
As you are aware, there is not one overall faith named Islam.
Like the Jews & Christians et. al. there are several/hundreds/thousands,
of widely different interpretations of “The Faith”.

If you talk to most adherents they are mostly ignorant of the totality of their “BOOK”
I read the bible cover to cover ...... How many Christians have done that ?

Read any secular history of any religion and you will find a common set of circumstances.
In short all faiths originate in the good words of a (always !) man; and when that man dies there is a competition as to who succeeds  that prophet/saviour. And, thus, denominations/sects, and enmity,   are secured.
God/Mother Nature arranged for man to form groups for the purpose of hate,  competition, enmity  and evolution.
Without groups;  & hate for other groups,  man would deteriorate and be extinct.
So there !!!!!!