First, my apologies if I repeat myself sometimes. In some places, I will go into details, and at others I will do a few words and go into detail elsewhere.


I have always had an interest in religion, and related subjects. My mum took me to Salvation Army meetings when I was a child. My next brush with religion was when my mum attended a spiritualist meeting, and had her wedding ring stolen! In the RAF I learnt about hypnotism, and went on to read a lot about paranormal subjects. You can read of the details on my personal web site


Over the years I developed my ideas about Tedism, and freewill. More recently, I have somehow been drawn to pulling all the ideas together, and rationalising them.


Once a month, here, we have a Christian service, and for company, and to hear the music, I attended. This was for about four months, when I felt uncomfortable, and ceased to attend. It wasn’t until Christmas last (2005) that it dawned on me why I felt uncomfortable.


For fifty years I have said, “I would give my right arm to have a religion.” I believed that I would get support through my bad domestic times by having a faith within me. This eluded me because I could find no logic, or common sense in any faith. I have spent hundreds of hours talking to people of various faiths, debating the principles of their religion. However, last Christmas, watching the TV, a thought came to me. I pictured a boy of about six years old, being told by his mother, “Come on son, put up your stocking, and get to bed early, for Father Christmas will be coming over the rooftops in his sleigh, pulled by the reindeer.” The little boy looks up to his mother and just says, “That’s silly!”


Note, he didn’t go into the logic of how it was impossible for Father Christmas to do this. Moreover, it struck me that instead of all the debates that I had had over the years, I should have just said to them all, “That’s silly!”


Why could I not have a faith? Because none made any sense. So, in pulling all my ideas together, they had to make sense.


I started from an assumption of faith, the existence of a ‘God’, but that thereafter all proposals had to make sense. What evolved was Tedism.


I first tried this hypothesis with a neighbour, Eva. She is a Christian. She made me think a bit!  Talking to her spurred me on to do this site. Thanks Eva!