In the quantum world, particles have strange qualities. They can't have their speed and position measured at the same time. They can become entangled, so that what happens to one will instantaneously happen to the other, no matter how far apart they are. These particles can also travel in time in that they can react to events that have not yet happened. Also, they are affected by being observed and can change from one form to another.

Humans are made of these particles, nothing else.

Suppose that humans are like one of those "join the dots" puzzles. They are just a lot of particle dots, joined by lines of force, and that is what is seen.

We are all part of that one ninth part of God that was strew across the universe. When people join their thoughts together, the sum is greater than the parts. So, prayer works. When we see cruel events happening, we can't "blame" God, other than that he is allowing things to happen ‘in absentia’. Other principles can flow from this idea and most would be acceptable to most religions.

Is it possible that some humans have people inside them. Are those people driving civilisation's progress?

Are THEY (homo superior) already here? And, have THEY been here for a few hundred thousand years? Did they "colonise" the most suitable animal by placing their minds into apes and manipulating the genes? Are THEY really US? There may be humans that do not have people in them. Has the time come for the "junk" DNA to be activated and the next step made? Can we ever be allowed to be aware of the true situation? Are there some that are aware and are on medication to suppress their understanding?

It is impossible for us ever to know the truth. Our brains will never be powerful enough for us to gather all the information, collate it, and understand. We can only use our limited intelligence to consider possibilities and probabilities.

There are human beings. There are also people. Some people decide to inhabit humans. Humans are subjected to sequential, random, and chaos events and have no free will. The people in the humans have decided to 'go along for the ride'. When the ride is over, they return to 'the other universe'. The analogy is that of enjoying the thrill of a roller coaster ride and getting off at the end.

'The other universe' is one where everything is composed of energy. There is no matter. People exist as pure mind - pure thought. Each communicates with each other by thought. There is no need for food. There is no gender.

For development, people decide to inhabit a body, so that when they return, their worth is improved.

People may have an effect on the humans who they inhabit by an osmotic effect. Is this how humans have developed at such a super hyperbolic rate over the last one (two?) hundred years? Is there a kind of feed back of the knowledge of the people to the humans.

As the people gain experience, wisdom and knowledge they will develop and become worth more.

At "THE END" all people will return to become part of God again. He will say, "I am now perfect."