I have spoken to a few people about how my thoughts have come together over the past two years.

My aim is to record my thoughts for posterity.

There are two certainties that I have.

1. We do not have free will !

Further to my thoughts on free will, in conjunction with chaos theory, I found it difficult to explain to the man in the street, the ideas that I have, so I thought of the following examples.

For Want of a Nail

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.

For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.


Then take the Great War. The root cause is said to be the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, but how did that come about ?

The Archduke was on a tour of Sarajevo when the killing happened. However, the route was changed because the driver lost his way. No diversion equals no assassination !

Again ….. What caused the accident ? Was the driver distracted ? No distraction, no accident !

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On Sunday, 28 June 1914, at approximately 1:15 pm, Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in Sarajevo, the capital of the Austro-Hungarian province of Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Gavrilo Princip, 19 at the time, a member of Young Bosnia and one of a group of assassins organized by the Black Hand.

The event led to a chain of events that eventually triggered the Great War. Ferdinand and Sophie had previously been attacked when a grenade was thrown at their car. Ferdinand deflected the grenade and it detonated far behind them. He is known to have shouted in anger to local officials, "So you welcome your guests with bombs."

The royal couple insisted on seeing all those injured at the hospital. After traveling there, Franz and Sophie decided to go to the palace, but Franz Ferdinand's car driver took a wrong turn onto a side street where Princip spotted them. As their car was backing up, Princip approached and shot both Sophie, striking her in the abdomen, and Franz, who was struck in the jugular and was still alive when witnesses arrived to render aid. His dying words to Sophie were "Don't die darling, live for my children." Princip had used the Browning .380 ACP cartridge, a relatively low power round, and a pocket-sized FN model 1910 pistol. The archduke's aides attempted to undo his coat when they realized they needed scissors to cut the coat open, but it was too late; he died within minutes. Sophie also died while on route to the hospital. The assassinations, along with the arms race, nationalism, imperialism, militarism, and the alliance system all contributed to the beginning of the Great War, which began less than two months after Franz Ferdinand's death, with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia.

Furthermore, to add to the consequences, the Spanish Flue was caused by the conditions under which the soldiers lived while waiting to be de-mobbed at the end of the war. That resulted in more than fifty million deaths world wide. 

Conclusion … the Great War & the Spanish Flue were caused by an incompetent driver! Different driver .... no Great War !

You could follow the chain of cause and effect back ad infinitum. That is how chaos theory locks into “no free will”.

2. Some humans have a person inside them ! brain
NB As you look at the picture it appears that the halo varies in size and strength. But - it  is a standard JPG image ....  not a GIF .... !

This is going to be the hardest section of this topic that I shall write ! The difficulty is explaining my thoughts without appearing to be completely crazy.

My thoughts are based on scientific facts, but I have extended the theories of astrophysics & quantum physics and esoteric writings to explain the ideas that I have.

The basic facts on which my "certainty" is based are :-

1. Writings, including religious books.

2. Dark matter & dark energy.

3. Particle physics. The uncertainty principle & entangled particles.

Definitions :-

A "human" is the result of a man and a woman producing a child.
"People" were produced from organic energy prior to the "Big Bang". Religions often refer to the 'spirit'. Others to the Ying/Yang - Ego/Id - conscious/subconscious - etheric/astral and other terms to distinguish between the body and the 'soul'.

Many spiritual, religious and philosophy books mention the idea that there are in the world 144,000 "special" people. Each book claims that the number refers to their specific group. That is, "We are the ?God's? special people." (Put 'one hundred and forty four thousand' into Google & 'dark matter' & 'dark energy')

My interpretation is that there has only ever been about 200,000 people in the world. These people are the result of organic energy evolving from inorganic energy in the same way that organic matter evolved from inorganic matter. This happened prior to the Big Bang. Before the Big Bang the area of space (the superverse), that this universe now inhabits, was mainly energy ..... very little matter. Some of this energy/matter became organic, in that it became sentient (a mind) ... aware of itself. Later, the Big Bang happened when energy became matter when it was manipulated by the 'minds', resulting in the singularity that was the birth of our time & space. The "people/minds" ..... the elements of organic energy remained.

These people are "immortal", in that they can never "die", and can never be "born".

Click for article from the "War Cry"


As the universe evolved, and galaxies were made from the stars & planets; then life evolved and humans evolved. These were, metaphorically, as described in Genesis, "Clay into which God breathed 'life'. " (animation ?) and became 'humans'. The 'people - minds' who evolved from the original energy became aware of the development of humans and decided to gain experience of material life by inhabiting some of them. This explains the chasm of development between the apes and humans. Von Daniken wrote that this was caused by the visitation of extra-terrestrials.

It may have been this phenomenon that caused some humans to develop, subconsciously, the concept of a God. After all, even with people, some will be more ?intelligent? than others. It is possible, that one person - mind, comprised of a massive amount of sentient energy became supreme. This could be the scientific validation of a great mind ...... a "God" ! However, that has no bearing on my basic idea that a form of sentient energy, with an individuality, is present in some humans. (and ...... of course ..... I am one of them ....... !)

Humans are complex beings. We use the term anthropomorphism to describe how we project human characteristics onto animals. Humans do have complex brains, but compared to the complexity of people, we need to adapt the term to peoplemorphism !

How did the people inhabit the humans ? The people are made of energy, and matter that is not atomic and has a negative mass; ie it repels atomic matter.  A person is substantially only brain; almost no mass, and almost total energy. Its size .... just for illustration .... is about a thousandth the size of a pin-head and is composed of quantum (?sub-quantum?) particles, but it is powered by ?a gigawatt? of energy ! This 'brain' (person) is many times as powerful as the human brain. When the person inhabits a human it is located as is shown in the picture above. It sits centrally inside the brain of the human.

NB As you look at the picture it appears that the halo varies in size and strength. It is a standard JPG image ....  not a GIF .... !

The whole of the person does not have to enter the human. Part may enter, and the rest stay in ?space? The person has to remain in the human for as long as the human is alive. The person can inhabit more than one human at a time. The person will "reincarnate" into many humans during time.

Are there good and bad people that are in humans ..... I don't know. Maybe there are, and is that where the original idea of Satan came from ?

I can hear the question, "How do these people manage when they are not in a physical body?" They don't need one !

Why do humans need a physical body ?

The body is needed to provide nutrients to the brain.
The body is needed so that the brain can communicate with the outside world.
The body is needed to transport the brain in space.
The body is needed to procreate the brain.

People do not need any of these facilities, so they need no body !

Further considerations are :-

The existence of people could explain the stories of reincarnation, near death experiences, ghosts et al. 

When my daughter, Lesley, died; I saw her twice on the day of her funeral. Each time was a different 'vision'. The first time, in the chapel of rest, she appeared in the dress she wore at my wedding to Jackie. She curtsied then disappeared.
The second time was at the crematorium, after the service, and I was in the car, when she appeared to my right, without me looking in that direction. This time I saw just her head. Her colour was different; a kind of grey-brown. She appeared to have an Afro hair style, but it wasn't hair & it was ?shimmering?. Could this be how the idea of a 'halo' appearing over the heads of visions ?
She said, "Sorry, dad, I HAVE TO GO." as though she was subject to a physical law, and had no control. Was the person who was inside her when she was alive, letting me know that she had survived the death of the human?
Carl got excited, and said that he had heard Lesley talking.

I know that the charge is that I developed these ideas to console myself over Lesley's (and my coming?) death, and that may be so. Nevertheless the theory that I put forward concerning some humans to have a person inside their brain now seems intuitive to me.

It is Wednesday 20th July 2011 and I have made a few minor changes to the above text. In eight days I will be 78 yo. In the UK 96% of men do not see their 80th birthday. So .... there is only a 4% chance that I will survive the next two years, and these may really be my 'last words'. Though .... if I survive I may do an epilogue, setting out how my ideas should be promulgated.

It is Friday 29th July 2011, the day after my 78th birthday; and just now, in the toilet, I was considering the last entry above. What will I leave when I die ? There is my main web site where I set out my thoughts about my life, and there is this site. I now realise what I leave behind. Firstly, I leave the original concept of "Myriad Causal Determinism" . Secondly, I leave the original concept of a "Proposed Scientific Validation for the Existence of 'god and/or gods' via the  existence of 'Organic Energy'  "
Now ...... that's not bad ...... To die, and leave those two original thoughts behind, can't be  bad ...... !


It is Friday 28th October, and I have had emails to & from others that made me think. Here is an open email of my thoughts.
I Googled Robert Anton Wilson and found a few YouTube videos.
As I watched them, The following thoughts drifted into my mind.

For the past two years my urge to comprehend that which is about me has diminished.
However, as my intellectual abilities have deserted me, so I have seen my understandings coalesce.
I know more by understanding less.

This also demotivates my natural compulsion to convey my wisdom to others.
I was a London bus driver during the smogs.

I feel now that I am coming out of the fog of understanding into the clear view of ignorance.
The wise fella who wrote the words, “Except that you come as little children ...... “, had something.

Senile dementia brings me back to being a little child, with all the advantages that that gives.

Finally ...... I am out of the maze ..... I look back, and I see that the maze has never existed ...........
This (and all the other?) universe(s) do not exist ........ just a candy floss illusion.
When we ALL cease to exist, .............. no universe(s)
My epiphany !

Quantum physics seems to tell us that the more information we have concerning a particle the less we know about its reality.
Its apparent reality depends on our apparent understanding.
Its “real” reality depends on on our real ignorance.
Robert Anton Wilson is defeating his stated aim of bringing understanding to the ignorant.

His aims would be better served if he had remained quiescent.
I will now take my own advice !
Be still & listen to your voice within .....